Bio Toothbrush Triopack

Bio Toothbrush Triopack

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SWISSDENT BIO toothbrushes are packed in an ecological triple cardboard box to avoid unnecessary plastic waste. Everything including bristles are made out of bio-based plastic, which was produced with renewable castor oil instead of limited fossil raw materials (petrochemicals) as in ordinary plastic. Castor oil was chosen as component of the bio-based plastic because it grows in the Mediterranean (in contrast to bio-based plastic made out of sugar cane, which has to be imported from over-seas). Castor oil is a renewable natural product that is produced from the seeds of the Ricinus Communis miracle tree. It’s neither used as food nor as animal feed, and its cultivation therefore does not compete with the areas under cultivation for food.

  • Product Info

    • Toothbrushes made of bio-based plastic
    • Sustainable dental care from renew- able raw materials (castor oil, no petro- chemicals)
    • Packed in cardboard box, without plastic packaging
    • Small brush head reaches even the most difficult areas of the mouth
    • Bristles with spoon cut for optimal tooth cleaning
    • Toothbrush shape like a dental instru- ment for precise cleaning without damage to the gums
    • Soft bristles (0.15 mm)
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