Exclusive Travel Set Crystal - featuring MAISON MOLLERUS

Exclusive Travel Set Crystal - featuring MAISON MOLLERUS

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SWISSDENT Exclusive Travel Set, specially designed and handmade by MAISON MOLLERUS - a unique fusion of two Swiss Companies dedicated to highest quality and everything 100% Made in Switzerland!

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    It contains: 

    • SWISSDENT CRYSTAL Toothpaste 100ml against tooth discolouration caused by red wine, tea, coffee and tobacco. Highly effective, yet gentle.
    • SWISSDENT PROFI Hunting Green Toothbrush patented for its unique spoon shaped bristles, smoothly embracing every single tooth.


    SWISSDENT: founded by a Swiss dentist 10 years ago He developed innovative gentle whitening toothpastes, all patented (www.swissdent.ch).


    MAISON MOLLERUS: founded by the family Mollerus 30 years ago. All bags are designed and manufactured in Switzerland (www.mollerus.com).

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